Other Products and Services

Black Angus Bulls for sale and lease
Bulls are generally leased for 3 months. They are semen tested,blood-tested, have had annual shots and are dewormed. Leasors are expected to treat bulls as their own. If the bull gets out, he can be got in with a bucket of feed as they are named and are gentle. If the bull dies, it is our loss.

Railroad Ties
Vary in quality and length depending on availability.

Scrap Metal
Price fluctuates with price of commodity. We accept tin, wire, nails, heavier steel to include cars and combines. Trailer available to stage at your location to load your scrap metal.

Clover seed
Local grown, seedhouse cleaned and bagged.

Cow sales
Feeder calves, cow/calf pairs, and black angus bulls.

Contact us for availablilty and pricing.